Paul August

Web Development Portfolio

Hi I'm Paul..., Welcome to my portfolio page!

Monday-Friday I currently work in Finance & Accounting, evenings and weekends I'm levelling up my programming skills

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Tosa Japanese Restaurant

Brief: To design and deploy a website for Tosa, a local Japanese Restaurant

This project was designed using WIX. I chose WIX as Delivery of this project was required fairly urgently, and this enabled me to produce a professional website within the required timeframe, whilst also allowing me to learn the WIX platform and the benefits it can offer.

The benefit of using WIX for this project was that it enables the client to quickly enable online orders and payments in the future should they decide to do so in the future.

Coded Projects

Below is a selection of projects which I have created on my coding journey

Tribute Page

My first coding project, a simple HTML & CSS tribute page


Another early project. A CSS grid photoblog showcasing my own photos


Technical documentation page

A Freecodecamp project focused on styling and navigation


Random Programming Quotes

REST API project, requesting and displaying random progamming quotes


Landing Page - Polymega

A Freecodecamp project to create a responsive product landing page


The DSO App

A Node JS & Express App which calculates DSO, deployed to Heroku

A selection of my favourite Bootcamp codealong projects



Express App with user logins, database persistence, deployed to Heroku


Simon Game

Javascript and Jquery DOM project from The App Brewery online Bootcamp


Guess The Password

Javascript/Jquery DOM project utlising D3

My Stack

Languages and technologies which I have learnt